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Monday, April 25, 2016

Hyperion Planning Interview

                                   Hyperion Planning Interview  Questions and Answers

1. What are the required dimensions in planning?
                * Scenario
               * Version
               * Entity
               * Account
2. What are the steps you need to take before creating planning application?
         Classic application administration.
click on create application
fill the details in selected tab
select calendar tab and select base period, fiscal period, year
select currency tab and select default application currency tab
select plan types tab and enter the name of plan at both plan types
Select finish tab.
             Application creation is successfully completed.
3. Which process state signifies that a planning unit is being reviewed by someone in the organization?
4. What file acts as bridge between Planning and relational data source?
     Planning communicates to the relational data source through a number of Java classes using JDBC. Business rules also use the Hyperion RMI service to communicate to planning.
5. When you tag a currency as a reporting currency, which dimensions will it be part of?
6. What is the maximum number of plan types you can have in planning?
     When creating a Project Financial Planning application then it creates 6 plan types
7. What are the different user roles in planning security?
         Power roles, interactive roles, planner roles, view roles.
8. Fiscal start of year and fiscal start month defines the starting fiscal year and start month for application. You cannot change this after you have created the application (True/False)?


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