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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hyperion Financial Management Interview

                        Hyperion Financial Management Interview Questions and Answers

1.What is HFM?

    Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is a financial consolidation tool.

2.What is Consolidation?
    Consolidation is aggregating the Base level entities amounts with the Parent level entities amounts.

3.How many Custom dimensions are there in HFM?

       Here you need to answer as per your HFM version.

Ex: 9 version to version only we having 4 custom dimension. After that versions are like ( and having 100 custom dimensions.

4.Can you please Explain 8 standard dimensions?

        Those 8 Standard dimensions are like

1. Entity
8. ICP


    Hyperion Financial Management is designed to operate as a multi-tier system.

Client tier:
The client tier contains the user interface and the ability to communicate with the application tier. You can display data and metadata, enter data, and maintain metadata in this tier.
Web tier:
The Web server tier contains the Web server. You can access the Web-enabled portions of Hyperion Financial Management in this tier. The Hyperion Financial Management Web client contains all functionality available in the Windows client with the exception of security administration.
Middle tier:
The middle tier contains the domain intelligence and connections to the relational database.
Database tier:
The data tier contains the relational database and all Hyperion Financial Management data and metadata.

6.What are HFM services you need to start?

1. Hyperion Foundation Shared Services - Web Application
2. HFM- DME Listener
3.Hyperion Web Service Manager
4.Hyperion Workspace- Agent Application
5. Hyperion Workspace- Web Application
7.Services dependency means?
Ans : Hyperion is dependent on services. Means services are to be started in a specified sequence only.

8. How many Environments do you having in your Project?

        We having 3 environments .Those are
1. Development Environment
2.QA Environment
3. Production Environment

9. What is application profile; can we change application profile at any point of time?

     An application profile contains language, calendar, frequency, and period information for an Application. No, application profile once created cannot be changed.

10. What are the dimensions will be covered while creating Application Profile?

           Year, Period, View.
11. How many Account types in HFM?

        We have 10 Account types in HFM.
12.  Explain those Account types in account dimension?

     There are 10 account types -
1.      Asset
2.      Liability
3.      Revenue
4.      Expense
5.      Balance
6.      Balance recurring
7.      Flow
8.      Dynamic
9.      Group label

10.  Currency Rate


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