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Sunday, July 3, 2016

FDMEE Training

                   Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition Course content

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Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE): Fully integrated web based data management tool created for Finance & Accounting users.The combination of Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) and ERP Integrator (ERPi).

* FDMEE  Notes

 * Class Delivery:  Online Class/ Class Room Training.

Duration:  20 days, Week days- Mon to Fri, 7.30 AM to 8.30 AM, IST

* Learning Material: Complete material for Theory.

 * Lab:    Exercises/practices on real-time Projects.

 * About Hyperion Trainer: Hyperion Trainer is an Hyperion Real Time Expert in all Hyperion modules, have 15 years USA/India  experience  in  Hyperion Admin, Development, Support of Hyperion different modules. He is working in MNC. 

Introduction to Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition.
         Product Orientation
  •  FDMEE Overview
  •  Key Benefits and Features of FDMEE
  •  FDMEE Integration Process
  •  Processing Data Overview
  •  Accessing and Navigating in FDMEE
Preparing FDMEE Integrations
  •  Integration Setup Overview
  •  Setting Up the Application Root Folder
  •  Defining Profiles
  •  Setting Up Source Systems
  •  Registering Target Applications
 Setting Up Import Formats for File Systems
  •   Import Formats Overview
  •  Creating Import Formats
  •  Defining Import Format Mappings
  •  Skipping Lines in Import Files
  •  Concatenating Fields
  •  Adding Import Expressions
Completing the Integration Setup
  •  Locations Overview
  •  Adding Locations
  •  Setting Location Details and Integration Options
  •  Periods and Categories Overview
  •  Defining Period Mappings
  •  Defining Category Mappings
  •  Point of View Overview
Setting Up Data Load Mappings
  •  Data Load Mappings Overview
  •  Defining Data Load Mappings
  •  Explicit Mappings
  •  Mapping Rules
  •  Processing Order
  •  Building Maps Externally
  •  Importing Mappings
  •  Sharing Mappings

      Defining and Executing Data Load Rulesc
        Processing Batches
  •  Batch Processing Overview
  •  Adding Batch Definitions
  •  Defining Batch Parameters
  •  Executing Batches
  •  Creating and Executing Open Batches
  •  Scheduling Batches
  •  Executing Batch Scripts
Reporting in FDMEE 
  • FDMEE Reports Overview
  •  Adding Report Groups
  •  Running Reports
  •  Reviewing and Adding Query Definitions
  •  Generating XML Files
  •  Creating Report Templates
  •  Adding Report Definitions
Setting Up Security
  •  FDMEE Security Overview
  •  Setting Up FDMEE Security
  •  Defining Role, Report, and Batch Security
  •  Location Security
  •  Adding Groups for Location Security
  •  Assigning Users to Groups in Shared Services
  •  Provisioning Users in Shared Services
Defining Import Scripts
  •  Scripting in FDMEE Overview
  •  Jython Basics
  •  Accessing Script Editor
  •  Creating Import Scripts
  •  Assigning Import Scripts to Import Formats
  •  Applying Import Script Functions
  •  Using Temporary Variables in Import Scripts
Defining Mapping and Event Scripts
  •  Mapping Scripts Overview
  •  Jython Objects in Mapping Scripts
  •  Setting Up Mapping Scripts
  •  Event Scripts Overview
  •  Creating Event Scripts
  •  Changing Import Formats Dynamically
  •  Using the File System Object in Event Scripts
FDMEE Integration with Other Source Systems
  •  GL Integration Overview
  •  Registering ERP Source Systems
  •  Selecting Source Accounting Entities
  •  Creating Import Formats for Accounting Entities
  •  Setting Up the Integration for Source Systems
  •  Drilling Through to Source Data
  •  Importing Source Data from the Open Interface Table

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  1. Nice tutorial. The FDMEE tutorial was help ful for me. Keep Sharing Tutorials.