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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Essbase Training Content

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Essbase is a powerful and intuitive tool used to build highly useful analytical models,
reporting systems, and forecasting applications. The ease of use and power of Essbase

provide for a rapid development cycle.

 * Class Delivery:  Online Class/ Class Room Training.

Duration:  20 days, Week days- Mon to Fri, 7.30 AM to 8.30 AM, IST

* Learning Material: Complete material for Theory.

 * Lab:    Exercises/practices on real-time Projects.

 * About Hyperion Trainer: Hyperion Trainer is an Hyperion Real Time Expert in all Hyperion modules, have 15 years USA/India  experience  in  Hyperion Admin, Development, Support of Hyperion different modules. He is working in MNC. 

I. Essbase Overview

·         Multidimensional Analysis
·         Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System
·         Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition Plus
·         Essbase
·         Production Environment Components

II. Designing Applications and Databases

·         Block Storage Implementation Process
·         Analyzing and Planning Implementations
·         Creating Applications and Databases
·         Creating Outline Structures
·         Modifying Member Properties

III. Designing Data Descriptor Dimensions

·         Data Descriptor Dimensions Overview
·         Designing Time Dimensions
·         Designing Scenario Dimensions
·         Outline Calculations
·         Designing Accounts Dimensions
·         Testing Outline Calculations

IV. Optimizing Data Descriptor Dimensions

·         Creating Member Aliases
·         Dimension Types
·         Creating Period-to-Date Totals
·         Dynamic Calc Members
·         Enhancing Accounts Dimensions
·         Optimizing Data Storage

V. Planning Dimension Designs

·         Business View Dimensions Overview
·         Combining Business Views
·         Planning Dimensions with Label Outlines

VI. Creating Basic Dimension Build Rules Files

·         Rules Files Overview
·         Creating Dimension Build Rules Files
·         Configuring Dimension Maintenance Settings

VII. Creating Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files

·         Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files Overview
·         Creating Shared Members
·         Manipulating Fields
·         Creating User-Defined Attributes

VIII. Loading Data

·         Data Load Overview
·         Creating Data Load Rules Files
·         Selecting and Rejecting Records
·         Capturing New Members

IX. Getting Started with Smart View

·         Smart View Overview
·         Configuring Data Sources
·         Creating Ad Hoc Reports
·         Setting the Point of View

X. Creating Reports with Smart View

·         Manipulating Multidimensional Data
·         Updating Essbase Data
·         Integrating Essbase Data with Microsoft Office
·         Customizing the User Experience

XI. Data Storage and Calculation

·         Calculation Overview
·         Database Calculation Order
·         Data Block Fundamentals
·         Data Blocks and the Index System
·         Database Statistics
·         Data Block Creation
·         Database Calculation Process

XII. Creating Calculation Scripts

·         Calculation Script Organization
·         Returning Correct Calculation Results
·         Troubleshooting CALC DIM Processes

XIII. Controlling the Calculation Process

·         Top-Down Calculation
·         Focusing Calculations with FIX Statements
·         Calculating Conditionally with IF Statements
·         Comparing FIX and IF Calculation Processes

XIV. Analyzing Member Attributes

·         Attribute Dimensions Overview
·         Adding Attribute Dimensions to Outlines
·         Design Considerations
·         Creating Attributes with Rules Files

XV. Analyzing Varying Attributes

·         Varying Attributes Overview
·         Creating Varying Attributes Overview
·         Viewing Varying Attribute Data

XVI. Task Automation

·         Automating Tasks Using MaxL
·         The MaxL Command Shell
·         MaxL Statements and Syntax
·         MaxL Username and Password Encryption
·         Debugging MaxL scripts

Online Analytical Processing Overview

·         Data Transformation
·         Multidimensional View of Information
·         Dimensional Modeling
·         Data Cubes
·         Dimension Hierarchies
·         OLAP Solutions

Essbase architecture, components, and production cycle

·         Outlines
·         Load Rules
·         Calculation Scripts
·         Aggregations
·         Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in
·         Smart View

Block Storage Data Structure

·         Data Blocks and the Index System
·         Block Storage Database Statistics
·         Data Block Creation
·         Database Calculation Process

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