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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hyperion Real Training, Interview help and Placement

It helps for Interviews& Job.
for more details, pls contact, 91- 996 416 2720, 080- 48531623,,, WhatsApp- 8152873070

Hyperion Training Class Room/Online/Corporate

IT Software Guru”- Hyperion training and Support will help you specific development/Support/ Administrative skills of Essbase, Planning, Financial Reporting, HFM, FDMEE, so you're able to support Hyperion projects. Hyperion training need to have strong development/Support/ Administrative skills in order to support Hyperion projects efficiently.                                   
Modules: Essbase, Planning, HFR, FDMEE, HFM, DRM, Hyperion Admin/Infrastructure 

We help for  
1. Real Time Classes
      helps for Interviews& Job.
  2.Lab Material.
  3.Study Material
  4.Hyperion Interview Session: Special Classes for Interview.
5.Interview Questions- Real Time.  
6.Interview help  
7.Mock Interview
8. Hyperion Software Installation help.
 9. Hyperion Jobs Assistance in USA, India
10.Hyperion Job Support
11.Resume preparation
12.Career Service


                                                                            Hyperion Training

                                             I.  EssbasePlanningHFR - 40 Days

                                            II.  HFMHFRFDMEE  - 40 Days

                                            III. Hyperion Admin, Infrastructure - 30 days

 for more details, Please  Contact

Phone noIndia 91- 905 218 3228,
   WhatsApp: 8152873070
* EPM Guru: HyperionTraining and Placement,

Address IT Software Guru, # 7G, Samrat Complex, opp: AG Office, Reserve Bank Road, Saifabad, Hyderabad- 500004, India
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